Most Important PPC Techniques for Online Retail

pay per click technique for retail

With the share of digital ad spend at 29.9 % in 2015 and anticipated to enhance to 39.3 % in 2019 the digital advertising industry is becoming increasingly competitive for ecommerce retailers. When considering this, optimizing paid search should be precedence for all retail marketers in 2016. Let’s take a look at some of the most considerable pay per click techniques for online retail:

Segment Campaigns:

AdWords and Google Shopping permit you bid on the product and keyword level, though, this is a feature that several benefits fail to adopt. It is especially vital in online retail to section your Google Shopping campaigns to the best level feasible, because your inventory may be seasonal and individual products have various bidding values.

Focus on environmental factors:

When examining your campaign performance, it is attracting to target on the reasons why you are not making sales, but probably you should also be looking at when your campaigns are performing their excellent? By looking at the reasons for best performance, you may detect that your sales can be inspired by environmental aspects such as the period of the day, the user’s system or the weather, to which you can also adjust your bidding technique.

Utilize geographic bid modifiers:

For both Google Shopping and AdWords campaigns, consider applying geographical bid modifiers. Do you only provide to an accurate region? Proscribe who can see your ads. Are there some places that convert better than another? Bid up!

Add negative keywords:

Adding negative keywords is a very important tactic of campaign management. Not only does it help you to improve your audience and assure that you get more suitable clicks, it can also help to increase your bidding tactics.

A separate tactics for campaigns on desktop:

You can make a certain copy of your current desktop campaign and set it for mobile phone. The first one will be hundred percent mobile bids, meaning that it is merely for tablets and desktop, while you set mobile bids in the second campaign.

Provide a personalized experience:

Although RLSA has been obtainable in AdWords for some time, this feature was purely included to Google Shopping in October 2015. This is wonderful news for retail promoters as personalization is becoming a most important part of the Pay Per Click approach.

Especially, recent research from indicates that 37 percent of customers expect adverts received on mobile phones to be more related than those on other devices. This means that it is advisable to use RLSA to target varied audiences. Personalization in special is becoming an important facet in optimizing Pay Per Click campaigns for eCommerce. Nevertheless, with a lack of knowledge and time as serious setbacks for lots of online stores, advanced solutions are assisting them to not purely provide a personalized experience, but to do so in real time, according to a user’s different levels in the purchasing funnel.