Price Extensions are Coming to Adwords Mobile Text Ads

Price Extensions are coming to Adwords Mobile Text Ads

Google will shortly be able to display the prices of their services and products in Adwords mobile text ads by using a new feature known as price extensions. With price extensions allowed, rows of services and products will appear below mobile text ads with corresponding prices for each. Every row will include the name of a type and services and product, a short description, and the price. Hitting on one of the rows will bring you to a web page for the service and product.

Price extensions are set to roll out to over all AdWords accounts above the next some days, but some currently have accessibility to it. When you get accessibility to price extensions you’ll know because it will be included to the decrease selection of the ad extensions tab. Flexible choices allow you to consist of price extensions at the account, campaign, and ad allow level. Advertisers can get benefit of these choices back providing more general details at the account or campaign level, and more details about the services and products at the ad group level.

In addition to showcasing the common prices of your services and products, price extensions can also be used for short time offers with a defined start and end date. Keeping high quality ranking in mind, Google shows advertisers to be sure the information included in your price extensions is appropriate to the types of services and products being featured.

In complete, advertisers can include at most eight price extensions, and at the very least need to include a minimum of three. Price extensions can just be made in English and will only show for mobile text ads displaying up in the first position. Just the ad in high level and position is suitable for price extensions. This is why I think about these extensions, with their user friendly information, will become extremely well-known and increased competition and prices on mobile.