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Bing Ads Management Service

Helping you extend your reach beyond Google at a lower cost!


While the majority of internet users eye Google, Microsoft’s Bing still has a notable share of the search market across the globe. So, why lose these untapped opportunities by just focusing on AdWords-centric campaigns?
With our Bing Ads Campaign Management Services, Astha Technology can help you generate a significant amount of traffic from, enabling you to increase conversions and profits, and reach out to masses from a particular geographic area, demographic, or language group. Whether you are already running Bing ad campaigns, or are looking forward to launching one, we can deliver the best results possible.
Our team of search engine marketing specialists is adept at handling all the aspects of Yahoo/Bing ads including ad creation, optimization, and management. We also provide regular reports on keyword performance, clicks, impressions, and conversions so as to show you that the efforts are paying off.

Features of Bing PPC Ads

When you set up a campaign on Bing Adcenter, your ads appear on the Yahoo Bing Network as well. This is a great feature for advertisers.

If you are an Adwords advertiser, in this case, you can quickly import all your existing campaigns from AdWords to Bing Adcenter. This helps to save time and cost.

With the help of Microsoft Bing Ads Editor you can edit hundreds of campaigns at once. You can edit ads, ad groups, and hundreds of keywords at the same time online as well as offline.

Bing accept payments via Credit Card, PayPal, Check, and also accept Debit Cards and Bank Transfer in some countries.

Bing Adcenter provides Ad Preview Tool to check whether your ad is appearing for a keyword on Bing.


If you’re only using Adwords, and don’t know how to get started in Bing Ads, or if you have an agency that’s been delivering unimpressive results, contact us, and we will make sure that your AdWords and Bing Ads account is running smoothly and making you the money you deserve.

The Benefits of Bing Ads PPC

It’s Safe to say that Bing works similarly to Google. However, this search engine has a few different tricks up its sleeves. It’s therefore worth treating it like a completely different animal! Bing PPC campaigns are likely to target a specific type of searcher and web user. However, it’s crucial that you still try to measure your campaigns to reach as many people as possible.


Pay per click, or PPC, is a great way to reach people. While SEO is a good organic way to drive traffic, PPC can give you that little extra push. Target specific, niche, or broad keywords with tailored ads. These will then appear in specific search results, randomly chosen. You’re only ever paying for each click that drives to your website. Hence the name!

Do I Need Bing PPC Support?

If you’re advertising business and are not up on Bing yet, now’s the time to start.
Bing is a powerful search machine! Google may take all the glory, but you can still reach millions of unique searches through Bing. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to create and shape specific ads to reach these audiences.


Unsure where to start when it comes to professional Bing PPC ad management? Our Bing PPC services can add to any other marketing or design package you choose. Telsa Media’s and brand get seen. Not only that, but we make sure you get seen by the right people!

Managing Your Bing Ads Account

It might seem easy to manage Bing ads and PPC on your own. It’s not impossible! However, it’s a numbers game. How do you know that the keywords and phrases you target are going to work straight away? Few people are quite so lucky. Therefore, with a leading Bing PPC expert by your side, you can make sure to fine-tune these strategies for months and years to come.


At Telsa Media, we take as much or as little control of your PPC as you need. Therefore, if you’d like to make suggestions, we’ll be happy to hear them. We’ll regularly produce results and analytics that you can weigh in on. Want to manage Bing PPC advertising that appeals to relevant people? Of course, you do.

Bing PPC / Ads Services

Microsoft Bing PPC Ads can help boost the number of visitors towards your website and lead conversions with the Bing Ad network of millions. Getting started on a PPC campaign with Yahoo! Bing Network is simple. We can help to set up your bing PPC Ads campaign and management to get a good ROI.


You can Now achieve your desired objective of the digital world by hiring Bing PPC management services from PPC By FineMinds. We are Bing ads, certified partners. We help towards planning, managing, and executing Bing PPC ads marketing to fulfill your goal.

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