E-commerce SEO service

What is an E-commerce SEO Service ?

75% of users don’t look past page 1 while making Google searches. With millions of websites online and businesses going digital, only the ranking at the top will offer you visibility. ECommerce SEO is a brilliant and proven way of getting maximum driven traffic and enhanced visibility.

Incorporating ECommerce SEO requires a multi-faceted approach and is ongoing continuous work. Specialists with an innate understanding of SEO aspects and their technical work can help you attain the best SEO results. Get a solid ECommerce SEO strategy for your ECommerce website by joining hands with us. Check out our ECommerce SEO package for more details.

How Astha Technology can help you to sell your products?

To sell more products

Our ECommerce SEO services will enhance the visibility of your products and services on search engines. We are here to get you noticed by your target audience.

To become a brand

Building a brand that resonates with your values and target audience is a bit of a nutcracker job. With our ECommerce SEO services, let's build your brand block by block.

To grow your business

SEO services will bring you visibility, sales, reach to a larger target market, and eventually prolific business growth. Embark on your journey to ruling online.

Experts in eCommerce SEO across All Platforms

Are you struggling to gather traffic for your ECommerce business? Well, there are millions of businesses out there competing with the best products and services. If you want to be visible and make terrific sales, you need ECommerce SEO services precisely implemented for specific growth.

With our years of expertise at Astha technology, we offer you the best of ECommerce SEO services. We have an expert team specialized in SEO management of varying leading web platforms like Shopify, Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and others. Our ultimate goal is to help you get desired results with our SEO services.

What do eCommerce SEO Services include?

Check these ECommerce SEO services we specialize in at Astha Technology.

For SEO to be effective and start generating results, one needs to implement each of these techniques which includes content management, website optimization, use of strategic keywords, effective product descriptions, work on URL structures, and many more aspects. These techniques would ensure that the webpage becomes easier to crawl on search engines and gets appeared in the top search rankings.

For SEO to be effective and start generating results, one needs to implement each of these techniques which includes content management, website optimization, use of strategic keywords, effective product descriptions, work on URL structures, and many more aspects. These techniques would ensure that the webpage becomes easier to crawl on search engines and gets appeared in the top search rankings.

Our expert SEO team would find relevant keywords to drive growth and traffic for your ECommerce store. Our keyword research is comprehensive and result oriented. Over a course of time, we shall help you design the content, targeting specific keywords that will indefinitely generate results for you.

Keyword SEO strategy for ECommerce focuses on getting the product discovered and helping your product thrive against large competitors. Through expertise and experience, we understand the trials and errors that go behind searching the keywords for your brand. A set of correct keywords at appropriate places would start driving insane traffic and that’s what our ultimate goal for you is.

A website audit is the first step for any SEO campaign. It offers a detailed insight into loopholes and golden opportunities. Fix the weak spots and beautify your strength in order to get maximum results for your ECommerce stores.

In this digitally competitive world, just having a website isn’t enough. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your website to find the weak spots. We shall design an effective SEO strategy to fill those loopholes and give you the most desired results. SEO is a time-consuming process that takes some time to generate results. But when done right, the results would be in form of enhanced traffic and increased conversions.

Robot.txt helps control the indexing of the page. It forbids access to robots by allowing you the rights of restriction. This helps restrict the robot’s access to private pages and content that isn’t essential for search engines.

Robot.txt is crucial for SEO as it tells the search engine how to better crawl your website. This way your ranking can improve on Google. Our specialists will undertake robot.txt optimization as a part of our SEO services.

Content is the backbone of any thriving ECommerce business. However, pasting some made-up content on your website with no thorough research or effective angle will lead to zero results. Content strategies need to be planned and effectively implemented.

At Astha technology, we will help you design effective and result-oriented content strategies for your ECommerce stores. We have an expert creative content team that shall design and put finely curated content on your ECommerce stores.

Link building is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of SEO strategies. Good quality links tell Google about your credibility and influence your website ranking for keywords. Internal backlinks connect one post or page to another on the website. This shall drive more traffic and boost your rankings on search engines.

We shall design tiered link-building strategies to strengthen your presence over time. We shall help derive maximum sales for your ECommerce stores by practicing strong link-building practices.

ECommerce websites should be easy to navigate. Moreover, the products and services need to be categorized and arranged appropriately so that users can move from one stream to another without any hassle. How your products are placed within categories would dramatically affect traffic and sales.

Our specialists would ensure category page optimization with appropriate tags, content, and schema markup for improvising your ranking.  SEO techniques include aspects that make the site easier to navigate.

On-page user optimization is very crucial. It gives your site a higher ranking and generates fresh streams of organic traffic. Product page optimization includes the optimization of the product description, images, and featured reviews. Apart from that, canonical tags, alt texts, page speed, and simple URL needs to be worked upon.

Product page optimization is the optimization of a single webpage that can single-handedly generate large streams of organic traffic for your products and services.

The best way to gain traffic is by generating user-intent content. Blogs are the best way to reach your audience and drive them to action. Poorly designed blogs shall just lay on your website generating no work or results for you.

Blogs with an SEO intent include specific keywords to target your products, services, and business, including high-resolution graphics, meta titles, descriptions, alt texts, URLs, and much more. A blog is much more than just a series of words put together in the form of an essay.

Our creative content team will offer not only well-researched blogs for your websites but shall ensure that each of those blogs drives results from the users.

Link building is a thorough process but shows results quite immediately. Building good quality links is a task. It requires constant analysis of the website, rectifications, and ensuring that each link leads to a related, useful page for the user.

The stronger your links, the stronger would be your ranking on search engines. Backlinks influence the website ranking for your keywords. Our Specialist team would work on strengthening your backlinks by implementing and putting varying strategies in place.

Experts in eCommerce SEO across All Platforms

Magento SEO

Magento SEO is our expertise. Website speed, visibility, traffic, and performance optimization is our specialty.

BigCommerce SEO

SEO can boost your business significantly. Join us to boost BigCommerce website traffic and sales.

Shopify SEO

We are the leading company when it comes to providing SEO services for online shops that are built on Shopify.

WordPress SEO

Our WordPress SEO services deliver measurable results. ECommerce SEO services will boost online sales.

Wix SEO Services

Our team of Wix SEO specialists offers the latestWix SEO strategy and Get an increased number of sales.

Weebly SEO

We can make your WeeblyECommerce website theme, content creation, link building, mobile optimization.


1. What are e-commerce SEO services?

ECommerce SEO services are a set of techniques deployed to improve visibility and rankings on search engines. Higher your rankings on a search engine, the higher tariff you would attract.

2. How much ECommerce SEO do services cost?

The cost of ECommerce SEO services varies depending on multiple factors. You can check our SEO Ecommerce package for more information.

3. Is SEO worth it for ECommerce?

Absolutely. SEO helps you get visible to the world marketplace. Without SEO even the most promising products and services would fail.

4. What stores can use ECommerce SEO agencies?

All sorts of online businesses can avail the help of SEO agencies. The extent of SEO services to avail depends on the size, budget, and needs of an organization.

5. What is unique about your Ecommerce SEO Services?

We have specialists addressing each aspect of SEO services individually. Hence, you get the expertise of niche specialists for your projects and get desired results.

6. Why choose an ECommerce SEO consultant for your online store?

ECommerce SEO consultants understand the aspects of SEO quite deeply and can deploy techniques that shall drive you desirable results in no given time.

7. Is Link building an on-page SEO?

Link building is a process of acquiring high-quantity inbound links to a website. The goal of building links is to improve search engine visibility and is an important aspect of SEO.

8. How to do SEO for ECommerce sites?

ECommerce SEO includes varying interrelated practices. A few of the common and most effective ways of ECommerce SEO strategies include keyword optimization, product page optimization, link building, simple URL structures, site speed, etc.

9. What are the types of SEO services?

The three main types of SEO include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

10. What are the SEO services we offer?

We offer technical SEO, keyword research, website audit, on-page setup, link building, robot.txt optimization, content curation, and many other related services.

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