Link Building Services

What is Link Building?

In today’s competitive world, everyone wants their site to have a higher rank to do smart business. Link Building Services enable this feature by including inbound links to the respective web sites, thereby directing targeted traffic to the respective web site in major search engines.


Astha Technologies is a well-known company with regards to Link Building Services mainly for the reason that though we understand that the quantity of traffic is important while directing traffic for higher ranking in the search engines, we also take special care to ensure that the quality of the traffic is maintained. This is where we stand difference and ensure we do not have our customers face the following challenges in their business. The following pointers are strictly a No from our end to our customers.


    1. No spam responses or blog posts
    2. No linking your web site to web forums which will result in a spam content
    3. No usage of spam directories

Reason to choose us for Link Building Services:

    1. We ensure that your business grows with our Link Building Services in an ethical SEO approach and in an organic manner
    2. Our Link Building Services stands the time test, returns long time and immediate impact in business as well
    3. We ensure that the headlines are catchy that attracts your customers
    4. We frequently update our SEO knowledge and also enhance our skill sets with the varying climate conditions and requirements in the market
    5. We believe in building only natural links
    6. Astha Technology is that we believe in to meet the high standards
    7. The set Do’s and Don’ts has helped us stand in limelight in the market

Our solutions for Link Building:

    1. Web site building strategy that based on Link Building Services
    2. Natural link-based opportunities for your business enhancement
    3. Getting links only from high authority business directories with varied approvals
    4. Links through the viral promotion
    5. Link baiting
    6. Avoid Google penguin penalty by using brand name and keywords
    7. No using paid links
    8. We do not recommend unnatural links to any of our customers
    9. Contextual link building services with one-way links
    10. We are cost-effective and also get superior quality work
    11. Unmatched customer experience in the market
    12. Report generation based on the package that the customer chooses

High-Quality Link Building:

We must tell you that every search engine has various criteria and factors while considering the value of a link. To give me more insight, do read through the information that we want our viewers to know.


    1. Domain authority
    2. Number of ranking keywords
    3. Traffic routing
    4. Age of the domain
    5. Google rank for the page
    6. Social recognition or popularity
    7. Backlinks
    8. Relevance
    9. Anchor text optimization
    10. Link building and link buying


As part of our successful business to our customers, we ensure to adapt all the points that we just discussed with you. You can always contact us for detailed information or for further discussion. We use the best Link Building strategies in the market and ensure to avoid any risks or penalties.


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