Guidelines to Write Professional Articles and Earn Money

Article writing and submission

A professional article appeals a lot to the readers. It is packed with information making it meaningful to those who read. A professional article looks proficient without cliches and provides parallelism throughout the context.  An article must be tightened up by avoiding extra words like phrases which don’t add meaning to the sentences. The lesser the number of words, the better is the article. The readers would find it irritating to read the same content when they get repeated. Exclamation marks add quality and meaning to your sentences making it easier for the readers to grasp the meaning of the entire sentence. The use of adjectives must be limited or in the best case avoided so that the script does not become too much descriptive.

How to earn money through article writing

There are different types of jobs for writing articles. You can write articles for a magazine or for a business organization or in internet. There are many freelancing opportunities for article writers. Using such websites, you can place a bid for article writing projects, and if selected, you could write articles based on the needs of the person who posted the project. Article writers can write article and publish in the sub-domain of the websites. The best example is the hub pages website which allows you to write articles and publish. When the visitors increase for your website, Google ad-sense pays you around $3 for every 1000 views. You can also add links to certain websites in your page and when users buy products by navigating through your link, you can earn commission from that website. As you generate more traffic, you earn money correspondingly. You can also create blogs and earn money through advertisements or create a website and use article submission services for building traffic for your website.

Article writing and submission

You can write articles and submit for newspapers, magazine publication, SEO, blog or book, with reference of your website in order to generate traffic. Writers’ guidelines will be available for the writers which will be helpful to for writing articles and publishing them. Since reprints are rarely accepted by large publications, greater care has to be taken to avoid them. Smaller publications reprint article with your website link, which helps readers to visit your site.

Some guidelines for writing articles

The major key point to be noted while writing an article is the length of the article. It must not exceed the prescribed guidelines if you are writing for a particular website or a project. The entire article must have quality in it. The bullets and numbering makes it easy to read and presentable for the readers. Unique title with the keywords make the reader understand the content of the paragraph. Articles must not be copied from other sites. Always distinct contents are appreciated. The readers must feel beneficial after reading your articles and come back to read them again.