Conversion of Photoshop Data File to HTML

PSD to HTML Conversion

Websites have become a vital tool for e-commerce as well as for various kinds of business. Websites contain webpages which are nothing but HTML pages. Designing these webpages is not an easy task. These websites can be developed only by Webpage Designers. The talent level of the designers vary from beginner to expert. Beginner level designers modify an existing HTML template and create a new one with the help of various HTML editors whereas expert level designers design their website right from the scratch. In such designing process, they begin with designing the website in an image format then proceed with HTML coding. The image format used is the PSD.


PSD is a Photoshop Data file, a final image file produced by Photoshop. Designers need to visualize the requirements and the graphics of the website. The best way is to first create a layered image of the website and then develop the web page to make it look like that image. The reason that Photoshop being used instead of others is the ease of use and plethora of graphics option that is available with it. It also provides layering of image so each and every component that has to be separated can be made as a separate layer in Photoshop. The exact design of the website apart from the transitions and the animations can be created in this. The design of the HTML is made with various inbuilt tools of Photoshop and also with the help of third party plugin.


The entire PSD is created it can now be converted to the required HTML page. The PSD file contains every inch of a detail required for the HTML webpage. The PSD file may contain the detail for any website front-end design such as xHTML or the content rich HTML5 or even a mobile website. It can even be converted into a WordPress theme. Everything that is present in the PSD file is transformed into the HTML page with the help of HTML tags and CSS. The design of the HTML is made according to the requirement. The transitions are applied to the elements of the webpage.


As this conversion from PSD to HTML is not an easy task to accomplish by any ordinary person, it is given to people who have knowledge of the HTML language and coding. Sometimes the owner of the website itself has a sound background with HTML while others just simply outsource the project to the Web Designers. There are no tools that can convert PSD into HTML automatically though there are some drag and drop HTML elements website that is much easier to use. Another way is to find a company that does this work for you or an individual designer who can seamlessly convert the Photoshop file into HTML. The designer then creates each and every component mentioned in the PSD into the corresponding HTML elements. The cost depends on the transition and also whether it is a basic HTML or advanced feature-rich page such as an HTML5 website.