Email Marketing Strategy to Retain the Customers

Email Marketing Services

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is defined as the promotional strategy adopted by companies by sending mails to the existing and old customers. The companies send mails in order to maintain relationship with the customers so that they choose their company when they intend to buy a product of the genre manufactured by that company.  A lot of money is incurred by the companies for this purpose.

Email marketing types

There are two types of email marketing, transactional and direct emails. Transactional emails are usually sent primarily to engage the customers. These mails have content such as receipts or order confirmation etc. Some companies include customer referral programs whereby the customer gets commission when they refer others for that company. There are software vendors available with the help of which mails can be sent in groups to thousands of customers. The other type is direct email marketing. These mails purely contain promotional information such as the information about the product released by the company or the offers solely intended for making the customers to buy the product.

Email marketing companies

The A-Z list of email marketing companies that provide this service can be found from Our Website. These service providers will charge you depending upon many factors like the email and the number of email addresses you intend to send etc. Some service providers also store the database of your customers making it easier to send the next time. These companies also help you with the design of the mail. They have certain templates which you could use or you could include your own ideas to make the mail attractive. They also provide you with manual and guide you through the entire process of this service.

Features in email marketing

With software coding provided by email marketing service provider, there are provisions for you to check which customer reads the mail and clicks it and who forwards it to others. There are also facilities that can be provided by the service provider like adding a like button or a tweet button in the mail allowing the person to share it in the social networking sites. In short, email marketing service combines marketing in social networks and email campaign in a single mail. You will be able to track the progress of your mails with the help of a bar chart or a pie chart

Advantages and Disadvantages of email marketing services

The main advantage of the email marketing service is the ability of the companies to reach thousands of customers easily. The advertisers have the chance of reaching mass customer base who are interested in specific range of products and have opted to receive mails regarding them. However the negative point with these types of services is that some of the mails do not get delivered. The other issue regarding this is that some of the mail services violate spam laws and thereby end up reaching that folder. However, overall, email marketing comes as an effective way of sending mails with newsletters, surveys, promotional text and feedback and thus marketing your products across a wide range of customers and substantially improving your business.