Some Easy Step to do Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

This is the fastest growing profession in the world. Most of the people still do not know about the search engine optimization. Google has given not only a search engine but also a profession to optimize your business with Google and increase the sale. Search engine optimization is a full form of SEO. Now the people are doing studies on SEO to make it their professional and earn their lively hood. First, you have to read this article to understand about the concept and methodology of SEO.

There are two kinds of SEO On Page and Off Page.

  • On Page SEO

In on page SEO we focus on the website pages. As per the Google algorithm requirement, we need to work on the website. We need to put some Meta tags on website pages like,  Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords, Meta Language, Meta content etc.

These tags are important to set on the website pages to show the visibility of your website pages on Google and Google algorithm demand to put these tags on website so that Google can show your website in search according to your search tags. That is the reason why it is important to put tags on every website page because it helps the search engine to pick your pages to show in searches results to the people.

There is one more tag Meta robot. This tag is use to disallow the pages. It means Google does not need to optimize these pages, which we put in the file of robot. txt. You can disallow the pages from the Google webmaster account or you can upload robot.txt file with disallow URLs from your FTP access. It is a short description about On Page SEO.

  • Off Page SEO

In off page SEO we do not work on the website directly. In such case, we need to make back link on the websites. Now some people become confused what is back links. A simple definition of back links that some website refers your website links from their website to the Google. Now look into the brief description about it. In off pages SEO we do some posting and submissions on different website therefore, this website refers our website links to the Google. Most common and useful submissions that we do, Article submission, blog submission, Classified submission, bookmarking, local listing, press release, link submissions etc.  These kinds of submission make the back links of the website on Google and Google gives the importance to our website due to the referral links and show our website on the first pages of the Google on related keywords that has optimized on for a particular page.

To select the correct keywords according to the website theme is a big deal. Before starting the work on SEO first take out some keywords on which you want your website to be on first page of the Google then make the strategy how to take website on first page of the Google by this particular Keyword. Google needs unique content to optimize any page of the website with correct keywords tags or description.

This is a basic SEO procedure, which will help you to understand the concept of the search engine optimization.