SEO Services

SEO Services

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing but making some modifications to parts of your web site which will increase the rank for your web site in the search engine. The changes that are made might look simpler, however together with other optimizers there will be noticeable changes in the ranking which will be evidenced based on the business results.

What can Astha Technology do for you in terms of Search Engine Optimization?

  • Describing the page’s content accurately
    • We do not use title that has no relation to the content of the page
    • We avoid vague titles like “title1” or “New page1”
    • We create content for users and not search engines
  • Unique title page created for each page
    • We avoid single title tag for all pages of your web site
    • We use supply alt text while using images as links
  • Descriptive and brief titles used
    • We avoid lengthy titles as they are of no use to customers
    • We avoid stuffing unwanted words
    • We keep titles very simple and easy
  • We improve the structure of the URLs
    • Out of our experience we have realized that simple to understand URLs convey better message to customers
    • We provide one version of a URL to reach a document
    • For future usage, we allow the possibility of removal of portion of URL as well

Following are the best practices that Astha Technology adopts:

  • Naturally flowing hierarchy are created
  • We use mostly text for navigation
  • We recommend HTML site map page and XML sitemap file
  • We recommend to use 404 page which is useful
  • We believe and offer only quality content and services
  • Out of our domain expertise we have realized that interesting sites will get their recognition very quickly mostly on their own
  • So it becomes our responsibility to build an interesting site which adopts SEO rules
  • By understanding the type of traffic that gets routed to your business, we offer only unique and exclusive contents to our customers
  • Our idea of mixing good keyword phrases always generates only positive results

Activities that Astha Technology conducts with regards to SEO:

  • On Page Optimization
    • Keyword Research
    • Title tag optimization
    • Robots.txt optimization
    • W3C Validation
    • Working on HTML source code
  •  Image and hyperlink optimization
    • Canonicalization
  • Local Search web site optimization
    • Local search engine submission
    • Customer review submission
    • hCard Integration
    • Updating pages for Local search
  • Content optimization
    • Website content writing
    • Blog writing
    • Article writing
    • Press release submission
    • Home page content
  • Link strategy
    • Editorial interview
    • Directory submissions
    • Premium directory submissions
    • Social bookmarking
    • Article social book marking
    • Article submission
    • Additional one way links
  • Web 2.0 & Social Media Optimization
    • Blog submission
    • Press release submission
    • Video submission
    • Photo sharing
    • RSS feeds
  • Web site usability and conversion
  • Other activities
  • Reports
  • Customer support