Few Reasons Public segment Organizations Should Have a Native Mobile Application

Native Mobile Apps Development

We discussed about why public segment Businesses and non-profits should accept a mobile tactics and temporarily described that they should consider developing a native mobile application. Here, Our Company gives five reasons why a public sector organization should develop a native mobile application.

Provide Mobile Friendly Content:

One of the biggest advantages of a native mobile application is that it will provide mobile friendly content. Any information that is shown on the organization’s site can be repurposed and included to an application so it can be quickly read on a smart phone. When adding content, it is very important to keep in mind there’s finite real estate so you require picking content that is most used. Content that is hardly viewed on the site doesn’t have to be involved in the application


Smart Phone users spend eighty percent of their time using applications versus. Twenty percent of time on the web. I think a main reason is convenience. Think about it: Would you instead use the Facebook app or launch Safari to access it? If you have content on your website that is regularly accessed, you should powerful consider developing an application to make it much more agreeable for your users.

Push Notification:

One of the most impressive attributes that can be found on an application is the capability to deliver out push notifications. Push notifications have a read rate around eighty percent. Examine that to email which has a dismal read rate amount of 22 percent. If you think about it, if your cell phone vibrates, you automatically glance down to see if it is a vital message. That is the power of mobile which is why applications are only going to improve in reputation.

Application Smartphone Capabilities:

A native mobile application has the capability to leverage Smartphone’s capabilities. For public market organizations and nonprofits, some of the points to consider consist of leverage

  • Global positioning system: The capability to provide directions and show resources on a map.
  • Push Notifications: It is also very important thing in Smartphone Capabilities. We discussed about it previously.
  • Camera: A picture says a thousand words. The capability to send a picture provides quicker communication
  • Tap to Communicate: The capability to tap the screen for e-mails, telephone calls, and text really helps communication.

Offline Mode:

Possibly the most significant advantage of an application over mobile websites is the capability to work offline. A mobile website requires an internet connection to function in comparing to an application that can function without Internet access. This is good for a population that possibly has unreliable data connection or for economical reasons cannot manage a Wi-Fi data plan.

A native mobile application is a communication tool for their consumers, which, if used and encourage correctly, can become an important asset to any public sector organization or non-profit.