Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday Email Marketing

Marketers all over the world get geared up to attract the holiday shoppers as the holiday season comes closer. Lots of information, messages start reaching the customers through newspaper, TV, radio, magazines, websites, emails, etc. Reason behind this advertisement spree is obviously to improve the sales during the holiday season. But no meal is free in this world. One need to spend a lot to get better marketing platform. Therefore, the choice of a particular platform depends on its affordability and effectiveness. Email marketing is the cheapest and effective platform than all other advertising medium mentioned above and hence it is always preferred by both small and big marketers.

For email marketing all one needs is a targeted mailing list along with a simple but powerful email marketing software. Any marketer can launch professional campaign and get huge return on his investment.

Preparation of a good mailing list is of prime importance in email marketing. The messages need to reach the right people who are genuinely interested in the intended products or services. A few engaged customers are worth than a few thousand disengaged subscribers. Therefore, instead of waiting for more no of addresses, a small no of addresses may be contacted once the information is prepared well. It also gives one the space for testing new strategies or products.

Emails sent by retailers to the consumers may sometimes fail to reach the destination because of incorrect mail addresses. Mail addresses are generally received through registers where the customers sign up for a product or service. This may give errors by mistake while typing. Therefore creation of a double verification entry system in the terminal (where addresses are entered) eliminates chances of error. It is also recommended to send the customer an opt-in confirmation and welcome mail before sending marketing offers.

Email campaigning also depends on the quality of the message. Too many information may divert customer attention. Highlighting only a few promotional items in the mail is a better way to engage the customer. Other details may be provided using links. Therefore, the mails should be very much relevant, engaging and timely. One should be clear about the purpose of sending each mail to the subscribers.

Most of the shoppers love to gain through discounts or bargain. Email marketers need to trap this desire of majority customers. Highlighting offers like discount on bulk purchases, free shipping, gift coupon etc. are effective ways to draw customer attention.

With advancement of technology, customers prefer checking emails through mobiles these days. In case the messages are not optimized for mobile, it may get overlooked instantly. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to understand the significance of responsive design to win the game of email deliverable.

Last but not the least, a little bit of personal touch in the mail like wishing the customer for the festive season, changing the look of the email each year etc. adds to the mood of the holiday season.

Following these few golden rules or strategies will definitely improve the sale and make the holiday season most rewarding to the marketers.