The Excellent Local SEO Landing Page

Our Company works with a number of local businesses from single location businesses to nationwide, hyperlocal and multiple location companies. One pattern we frequently see is that massive and seemingly further authentic businesses don’t perform besides in local search as they should. There are numerous causes for this and having multiple locations increases the need for solid local SEO foundations. A usual issue we come across is the lack of a better optimized and well performing landing page for local businesses. Here, we aim to illustrate what we believe to be the correct location landing page, based on our experience working with local businesses. We have to focus on the intersection of lead generation and local SEO

Where the lead Company meets local SEO

Following two key components to conceive here:

  1.  Ranking Factors of Local SEO
  2. Landing page conventions

We want to create an absolutely optimized page from a Local SEO standpoint, but also a finely tuned lead generation machine. These pages should allow the user to attain their intention much like a conventional lead focused landing page.

Local SEO Ranking Factors:

There are following ranking factors that relate to local SEO landing page optimization

  • City, state in the landing page title: page title should optimize.
  • Click-through charge from search results: This highlights the significance of relevancy and a fully optimized title Meta description.
  • Topical keyword related to the domain content: You can definitely sure your whole domain is related to the service keywords. If you have only a handful of locations, sure you introduce them on the service pages. Create explicit link between location and service for search engine and your users.
  • Quality and authority of inbound links to the landing page URL: If we have a local link, then we should note it to the local landing page. This is only made straightforward when those landing pages are of a given quality. Other ranking factors for local SEO landing page optimization are listed below.
  • Product and service keyword in landing page title
  • Page authority of landing page URL
  • The landing page of city, state of  h1, h2 tag.
  • HTML name, address and phone number matching location NAP.
  • Load time of landing page.
  • Geographic keyword relevance of domain content.

The Perfect Landing Page:

Copious of the landing page science comes out of the PPC Company. After all, if you are paying to operate traffic to a given page, here we provide some guidance from time-tested optimal practices like Ad copy & context, Page headlines, Product features, Product benefits, Location map, Call to action, Social proof and Your team. So it’s clear that the correct local SEO landing page is also a finely tuned lead generation page. This ticks the boxes for Google, and most vital, it attains what your consumer is looking for.

It is simple to get trapped in too constricted a perspective, whether that is Local SEO, PPC, landing page optimization and one of the other myriad digital marketing approaches. Here we explain how lessons from one discipline will usually supplement and improve another. You want more information about local SEO Contact Us