Website Design | The How and Why

Website Design

Your website may be optimized and that whenever the search engine button is clicked, your site appears instantly, coaxing users to come visit your site, but why is it that you never get any sales even though your website is SEO optimized with the necessary links attached to it to other sites?

Well maybe, just maybe, your site just looks bad and unappealing to the eyes. There is no aesthetic value in your website presentation and, well, it is just not plain pleasing to the eyes.

Appearance counts as everybody say. One look in your site and the first few second determines whether your site visitor is going to sigh and leave or be caught in avid curiosity, then click some more on your site features because the website design is interesting to the eye.

There are countless professional website designs available online, some offered free while others are offered for a fee. Website design pricing differs depending on what you want and the nature of your site or business since it will take into considerations many factors like payment access and bank transactions.

A website design company can offer you the best advice on how to proceed with your website and design them for you-while you just sit back and relax waiting for your site to go active.

Website design focuses on different aspects of web site promotion and ranking. It not only focuses on how it looks but on how it functions as well. The website interface should be designed so much so that it should an effective tool for the better understanding of the site. It should be user-friendly depending on your target clients or audience and it should have a relevant function to maximize ranking.

A simple button that when clicked leads you to a site that is not connected in terms of relevance to your site is a bad website design right? This means every nook and cranny of your website should be a relevant functioning unit all geared towards the achievement of only one goal- customer or audience satisfaction.

A good interface is only part of the website design. There are other parts of a website design that a website builder can give you to promote your site.

Marketing experience should tell you that to promote your website, you should be able to tell your clients what your business is all about and convince them to patronize your site in a few seconds. Catch their attention and you are on the way to becoming the next multi-millionaire tycoon.

Pixels and graphics should be intended not only to please the eyes but to function as a tool as well as for the better understanding of your site. Use relevant content. You cannot post a picture of a pregnant woman when your site is all about sports, right?

Page lay-out, the use of motion graphics and other user interface is a good addition to make your site less boring than the next website. Be careful though in the use of motion graphic as it can be effective or distracting depending on how you use it.

There will be lots of people involved in creating your preferred website design. Your website developer and the website designer are two different people with two different functions. There is your SEO writer who will be in charge of content to make sure your site is ranked accordingly. Your graphic designers are there to make your site appealing, aesthetically speaking. You also have your marketing specialists in charge of marketing strategies, and of course your copy-writer to ensure that you are targeting the right audience