Web Development in the Real World

Professional Web Development

In years past people would have to spend hours poring over books to find any kind of information. Now a days you can open up your computer type a few words into a search engine, and just like magic you have all that same information at your fingertips. That’s the wonder of the “World Wide Web”, be it search engines, social media, etc. it all comes down to “web development”. Using web development a person or company can create a web site that can be seen and accessed by thousands, if not millions of people, at any given time.

When the “world wide web” was first introduced, along with it came web development. Web development is the building a web site that can range from a static single page to more complex ones which include, but aren’t limited to internet applications, social network services, etc. Web development can be done by just about anyone with a basic knowledge of computers, or basic typing skills. For those people with basic computer skills there are web sites that can help you make a web site, they walk you through the process step by step. There are also companies out there that specialize in “web development” and there are some companies that have whole teams devoted to web development. Sometimes these teams are just a few people and some can have hundreds of team members.

In this day and age of instant web searches, social media, and the whole “world wide web” the world revolves around the web and web development. Most information exchanged in this day and age is over the web, and without web development, there would be no web. The web offers the exchange of information nearly instantaneously, and the future of advertising is on the web. Web development is essential to any company looking to make it on the “world wide web”. Most colleges now a days offer classes, and not just Majors, to their students.

Web development opens a whole world of possibilities to anyone that has a basic grasp of it. From making a basic web site about yourself to a web site for a fortune 500 company, web development is one of the fastest growing jobs. In this day and age a company can die as quick as it starts, cause of the web, and that’s were web development comes into play. With web development a person can create web site telling the world what a company does, the services they offer, location, etc., from the basic web site (with a little slide show) to a fully interactive one. Also web development also goes into internet applications, applications that run on the web not your desktop, to web based companies like Amazon.com. Web development is not only essential to most business and companies, but is the bread and butter of the success to these business and companies. Without web development there will be no web.