Search Engine Optimization To Increase Traffic For Your Website

Increase Website Traffic

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The Search Engine Optimization is a methodology that deals with deciding the rank of the webpage and where it would feature in the search engine results. This depends upon the keywords used in the website and the searches made by people all over the world. The search engines use certain algorithms to track the keywords when they crawl a webpage and depending upon the weight-age of the keywords used, the search engines allocate page rank before displaying your content in the search results.

Optimizing your website

You could be having a website and thinking how to feature it in the top results of the search engines. The first aspect you need to concentrate is the keywords that you use in the web page. Every keyword has certain weight-age. You can choose to write unique content for your website so that it features in the top search results. Google released a new panda update recently which features the original content (i.e.) the website who initially published the content to top the search. You can get track of how many monthly or yearly searches that a particular phrase gets using Google key word tool.

Search Engine Optimization companies

These companies have search engine optimization experts who are able to adjust content and code of websites such that the spider of the search engine is able to track down the particular webpage easily. The page is then indexed which means the crawler of the search engine has visited your web site or certain page and noted keywords from it and recorded them in their database. The next time, the keywords go for a search, the search engine features the results according to the page rank and the number of back links that are present in the website.

Unique indexing for every search engine

The measurement of success of the search engine depends upon providing the best search results. Thus the indexing algorithm varies with search engines to provide the results most relevant to the keywords searched. The results may vary with individual search engine. It also depends upon the country you are browsing from. Every country has a leading search engine while Google ranks number one all over the world. The other search engines include yahoo and bing which are also used by people across the globe.

Getting indexed and increasing the prominence

When the page is linked from other search engine, indexing is done automatically. Some pages do not get indexed because it would be at a greater distance from the root directory. The number of visitors for your website is important to feature in leading search results. You can initially share the websites in social networks so that you get increased page views. The more number of back-links to the webpage helps search engines to place your sites in the top search results. If your site has unique content, with relevant keywords and the number of visitors get increased, then it shall feature in the top search result of the search engines.