PSD to Joomla Template

PSD to Joomla Template

In many instances we see that the business may want to change or convert the design from what they have to valid Joomla template. As most of the business understands the advantage and privilege of having their web site in Joomla, there are many conversions to Joomla. Hence, there is no restriction on the type of web site that can be converted.  PSD to Joomla is one important factor in business activities today.

Why choose Astha Technology for PSD to Joomla Template?

  • We provide PSD slicing service for all kinds of designs
  • We help you convert your web site to proper Joomla
  • Even if you have a web site in draft format, we can  help you convert it to Joomla with our expert team
  • We remove your hardship and enhance your usage of your web site by converting to Joomla
  • We are pioneers in customer experience and ensure your customers feel it easy to use the web site
  • If you are already using ready-made templates, we can have them converted to Joomla templates
  • We are there for people with lesser budgets as well
  • Quality delivery is our motto and we do not compromise on that
  • Even if you do not have Joomla back ground, we help you to use the Joomla applications easily thereby helping you to edit, add and change pages at your comfort

Quality features that we render for PSD to Joomla Template:

  • Customized services given to customers based on their requirement
  • Layouts that comes table less
  • Cross browser compatibility enabled and so customers will not face challenges or differences while using different browsers
  • Affordability is one of the key factors why most of the small and medium businesses also approach us
  • Accessibility
  • Pixel perfect
  • Hand coded CSS
  • Well-structured CSS
  • W3C standards
  • Semantic Markup
  • Last but not the least, we are Search Engine Optimized

What difference can we make to your business?

  • We provide you a robust online presence with the conversion to Joomla
  • Our skilled professionals ensure your web site has compelling appeal with rich templates that are effective in its functionality
  • Neat hand coding used
  • We also focus on page speed optimization, W3C standards etc
  • Our experts are Joomla certified professionals who have worked for various domain and thus comes up strong domain knowledge
  • We give you syndication and news feed support
  • While converting to Joomla, we also take care of content management
  • We come up with strong online applications

You can contact our office for any queries that you want us to clear you. You are most welcome to contact our professionals to spend time clearing your business requirements with our guidance and recommendations. Feel free to approach us any time you need any help.