PSD to Email Conversion Service

PSD to Email

Introduction to PSD to Email:

It has become a trend to send newsletters in today’s business world and also in most of our life styles. We make SEO friendly conversion from PSD to Email.

Why choose Astha Technology for PSD to Email?

  • Mail Chimp templates: Based on our customer preferences we recommend Mail Chimp Templates for those customers who prefer simple techniques where customers can easily drag and drop compatible email templates to that of the Mail Chimp and can create email content.
  • Compatibility with cross clients: You will never face any compatibility issues.
  • Pixel Perfect Conversion: Pixel has become the magic for all HTML email. Our customers get to view and live the same design that was created and designed for them to experience. We do not make any compromise on that. There would not be any difference in the look and feel irrespective of the tool or application that the end user is using.
  • Campaign Monitors: We all understand that you may not want your customers use fixed templates. Yes we ensure your customers experience flexible templates and design. This will suit most of customer’s requirements based on the trend.
  • Layouts those are responsive: Now many customer use mobile these days. We see customers using either laptops or mobile devices to read mails and newsletters. When the trend is in this pattern, we would want to live according to the customers’ requirements and be responsive.

What makes Astha Technology different from competitors?

  • Focused in coding: Semantic techniques are used to ease out while using search engines. Changes in optimizing data are also experienced with manual conversion of PSD to email and hence we ensure clean coding.
  • Alt Tag: To help get better traffic that you target as a business is achieved by using Alt Tag for email. If you wonder how this can be done, we can help you use Alt Tag for all images in your Email.
  • Links with Anchor Text: The most interesting piece in PSD to Email conversion is the Anchor Text of links which comes in alignment with SEO and is used as a booster.