Content Management System Development Services

Content Management System

Definition of Content Management System:

Content Management System is a program that is used for publishing, editing, modifying contents and maintenance from a central interface. These management systems provide and help in managing workflow in a collaborative environment.  Content management in simple words helps in managing content of a web site. The two elements of CMS are CMA (Content Management Application) and CDA (Content Delivery Application).

Why choose Astha Technology for Content Management System?

Astha Technology is a cloud based web Content Management System in the industry. Astha Technology is integrated which the most important point for many customers is choosing Astha Technology. We give a better platform for building, managing and also delivering very good digital presence.

We give you the best service in the following:

  • Add video
  • Site performance
  • Cloud based storage

Tools used by Astha Technology for Content Management System:

  • Joomla: Joomla is the most favorite for most of the site ground servers. It is the best CMS till date which permits easy modifications with lot of flexibility and it is also very powerful out of all the CMS tools. We are an expert in hosting Joomla.
  • WordPress: WordPress is one solid example for its evolution till date in the market and this has happened due to the wide usage across the globe. It is labeled as the best CMS in the market in site ground servers with high security in usage and also speed.
  • Drupal: Drupal falls under content management platform empowering millions of applications and web sites worldwide. Dural is very popular as it is open source. Drupal can be used to build a simple blog up to an enterprise application, add on modules or any design that the customer may want.

Services that Astha can give to customers:

We make it easy for you to manage your business in simple steps using advanced CMS techniques.

  • You can login to the back end of advanced CMS web site
  • Editing your content is made easy. You do not require any advanced skill sets
  • Use the built in word processor interface whenever you want to add or delete any text, images, video or even audio in your web site
  • Finally all you need to do is save the changes publish. All modifications that you had made gets uploaded immediately