Basics of Developing a Web Application from Scratch

Web Application from Scratch

A web application developer is one that is concerned with processing web applications. Web applications have two distinct definitions one being an application that is accessed by a large variety of end users over the internet. The other meaning of a web app is a computer software application that has been coded in a programming language compatible with certain browsers.

Types of Codes to enable a Rapid Web Application Development Procedure

Any web application development process requires both the client side and server side coding to properly create the web applications. To illustrate the difference between the two types of coding otherwise known as scripting to read on. When a user visits any website he or she can be able to view the source of the code by simply clicking view menu then view source. This code is the client side as it is easily noticeable to the people. In order to make it possible the code is usually interpreted by the browser that is being used. On the other hand, the server side scripting refers to the code that is performed by the web server. Consequently, this coding can neither be viewed nor accessible to those who are browsing the net. Now that you know the types of technologies to use you are half way to ensuring that the development of the web application is stress free and easy to do.

The Structure For a Rapid Web Application Development

The other very important information that you should be familiar with is the structure of the web application you want to create.  Generally the applications are arranged into consistent levels. In the web design world, these levels are commonly referred to as tiers.  The most frequently used structure is the three-tiered application. These tiers are arranged in a logical manner from first to third tiers. If you interchange any of the tiers, then the application will be rendered functionless. The 1st is presentation tier; the web browser that will facilitate the interaction. The 2nd / central tier is called an application. Here is where you use the coding technologies mentioned above to display the content. An example of client side scripting is using java technology.  In contrast, ASP, PERL and PYTHON are some of the preferred server side coding techniques. The last tier should be the storage rank. In most cases this is the database that contains varied information which when queried, will produce the relevant output.

There are cases where the developer is compelled to develop more advanced applications that will effectively meet the needs of their clients. In such a scenario, the three-tiered application structure will not be sufficient to satisfy the customers. For this reason you need to use the n-tiered structure.

Rapid web application development is quite popular among many web developers of different backgrounds and expertise because of the capability to sustain and bring up to date the applications without necessarily installing the software to the millions of computer users all over the globe.