2016: AdWords Updates for Expanded Ads and Device Bidding

Google Adwords Updates

Google basically revealed three anticipated AdWords upgrades currently that are designed to help companies take advantage on the shift toward a mobile first world. Extended text ads, responsive display ads, and device specific bid are recently obtainable to all AdWords advertisers all over the world. Below is some more information about each of the new ad units.

Expanded Text Ads:

Google’s removal of the right-hand sidebar ads paved the way for this new ad unit, which Google is describing as “the biggest update to our ad creative since we released AdWords more than fifteen years ago.”

Expanded text ads aspect two headers with thirty character each, in addition to eighty character description. This prospect to an ad which is fifty percent bigger in size comparison to authentic text ads. Because they are designed for mobile, expanded text ads adapt to the screen size of the system they are being perceived on.

With some important purchasing seasons coming up, Google indicates using extended text ads as soon as you can. It is also best thought to acquaint yourself with the new ad unit earlier than later, because on October 26th Google will be going the conventional text ads. Until then, both kinds of text ads will be shown in search results.

Responsive Display Ads:

Google’s new responsive display ads adapt independently based to the size of screen they are being provided on. The new ad unit attributes twenty five character and ninety character headlines, a ninety character description, an image, and a URL. Upon offering that information, Search engines will then build ads that fit in easily across the whole Google shown System.

Device Bidding:

Google is now providing the mobility to set personal device bid adjustments for tablets, computers and smartphones. If this sounds too complex, you can always create use of Google’s automated Smart Bidding. Smart Bidding was build utilizing the power of Google’s device studying to set additional informed bids. Within next several weeks you will also be capable to use Smart Bidding to fixed CPA targets that are certain to each system.

There are your three new AdWords options to add to the increasing number of AdWords updates that have been advertise in just the past several days.